Hunt Wild Boar at Sanctuary Sporting

Welcome to the finest wild boar hunting in Europe

A visit to Sanctuary Sporting guarantees you an amazing world class hunting experience – see what happened when The Shooting Show visited us!

Whatever your requirements, we guarantee you the finest wild boar hunting – by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

Nestled in the Loire Valley, Sanctuary Sporting has been a dedicated hunting estate since the 17th century.  English owned and managed since 2003, the estate maintains its heritage as a premier venue that attracts keen hunters from all over Europe and beyond.

We pride ourselves on our impeccable safety record, superb trophy boars and our ability to adapt to any request our hunters may have.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

phone: +33 6 32 31 64 73


Divers chasses parc de Launay (48 sur 120)

Parc de Launay (1 sur 41)Divers chasses parc de Launay (56 sur 120)Divers chasses parc de Launay (34 sur 120)Parc de Launay (110 sur 88)Divers chasses parc de Launay (14 sur 120)


Staying On Site

The accommodation at Sanctuary Sporting is of a high standard – you’ll feel comfortable and at home throughout your stay.

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I have been going to Sanctuary Sporting for eleven years now & have seen it 
develop into what must be one of the best Boar hunting experiences any 
where in Europe. (whether its your first time or a seasoned hand for 
this unique hunting experience)
It is a testimonial to Shaun's stewardship that the teams of dog 
handlers / Chase Guard  & support staff are the same locals that were 
there at the very beginning.
The yearly visits are the highlight of my shooting calendar never 
failing to give me good memories to see one through the dismal winter 
Lawson Mackellar, July 2015